The history of #18, flown by Ron Puckett.

    Ron  Puckett  was  a Navy test pilot  and also familiar with the F2-G’s. Ron acquired a F2-G  
in  time to enter the 1947 Thompson Trophy Race with a stock airplane. At that time #18    
still  had the original sub-rudder. Ron took off after all others had completed their first lap    
       due to a problem with an official. Ron was able to move up to 3rd place, in the nineteenth lap,   
          engine problems forced him to land. In the 1949 Thompson Trophy Race, Ron came in second.   

          (Del Bryan collection)             
         #18 on arrival at Cleveland  in ’47,             
 painted Dark Blue with Orange Cowl.


             #18 '49 Color.JPG (282663 bytes)
                  (Dr. Aaron King Jr.)
                #18 in ’49 Med. Blue and gray


                In the 1949  Thompson  Trophy Race,  the  F2G’s  placed  one,  two,  three.
                   Cook Cleland was first, Ron Puckett placed second and Ben McKillen was third.

 Puckett&Dick.JPG (68877 bytes)
         (Bill Meixner collection)
      Ron with mechanic Dick Futtner


After the race, Ron sold his F2-G to a broker who had a customer    
for the R-4360 engine. Ron believes the airplane was scrapped.       

      After serving with the Navy in Korea, Ron went on to have a full career    
       with the FAA as a production test pilot till his retirement. Ron currently       
            lives in Wichita KA with his wife Gail.                                                            

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