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1932 NAR Photos & Records

1932 National Air Races

1932 Logo.JPG (108482 bytes)
1932 Logo

#92 WW Small.jpg (33082 bytes) #121 WW Turner.jpg (228910 bytes)
#92 Jimmy Haizlip                       #121 Roscoe Turner

#44 WW Jim-32.jpg (202871 bytes) #7 R-2 .jpg (178100 bytes)
#44 Jimmy Wedell                             #7 Lee Gehlbach

Haizlip-Earhart.jpg (785282 bytes)
Haizlip wins Bendix in 8:19 hours
Jimmy being congratulated by Amelia Earhart

Bendix Trophy Race

A host of new aircraft were introduced this year in the closed-course events.
Benny Howard was back with two almost identical, Menasco powered racers.

IKE sm.jpg (41537 bytes) Mike -Benny Sm.jpg (34380 bytes)
Howard "Ike"                                         Benny Howard & "Mike"

Bob Hall chief engineer and designer for the Granville brothers, who designed the Gee Bee
model "Z", winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy designed the "Bulldog" for the Thompson and
the "Cicada" for the Bendix. Both planes were plagued with engine problems. Bob flew the
"Bulldog to disappointing 6th in the Thompson. The "Cicada" did not start the Bendix.
Sometime after the Thompson the engine and prop were removed and returned to the
manufacturer's. The "Cicada" crashed and burned.

Bulldog Sm.jpg (28612 bytes) Cicada sm.jpg (32373 bytes)
"Bulldog"                                        "Cicada"

Other new racers to appear this year

Redhead.jpg (20652 bytes)
Gordon Israel's "Redhead"                       Keith Rider "San Francisco"

1932_Program_sm.jpg (17867 bytes)
Program Cover

Parachute contest.jpg (34150 bytes)
Parachute jumping demonstrations and pin-point
landing contests were big crowd pleasers.
While the idea was to land in a prescribed cirCle
in front of the grandstands, it was not uncommon
for some to land in the grandstands or in the
parking lot.
Shell 3-Kilometer Speed Dash
Men's Trophy Women's Trophy
Jimmy Doolittle Mary Haizlip


#11 Jimmy.jpg (34865 bytes) #92 Mae Haizlip.jpg (38589 bytes)
Jimmy Doolittle with Gee-Bee R-1                Mary Haizlip with W-W #92

Thompson color small.jpg (28339 bytes)

Thompson Trophy Race

1 Out Engine Problem Lap 3

he success of the Granville Brothers Model "Z", winning the 1931 Thompson

encouraged them to build two new racers for 1932. One for the Thompson (R-1)
and one for the Bendix (R-2). While they were basically the same design, the R-1
had a larger engine and a smaller gas tank than the R-2. When Jimmy Doolittle's
Laird was damaged due to a landing gear failure and Russell Boardman
(original pilot for R-1) was injured in a crash, Doolittle became the pilot.
The Gee-Bee took an early lead and went on to win.

#11Doolittle sm.jpg (25264 bytes)
Gee-Bee R-1

Aerol Trophy

1929 Aerol Trophy.JPG (308514 bytes)

Aerol Trophy Race

The ladies entered in the Aerol Trophy Race showed great courage and
skill as they took off into and approaching thunderstorm. A severe storm
hit the Cleveland Airport while they were flying the third lap. Despite the storm
they continued flying until race officials brought them down. Winners were declared
in the positions they held when the race was called off. Gladys O'Donnell had
never flown, or even taxied, the Howard "Mike" before the race.

Gladys O-Donnell.jpg (25876 bytes)
Gladys O'Donnell

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